Nimble Bulk Email Marketing Web Application V1.0


Nimble Bulk Email Marketing Web Application is a fully-featured, easy to use Email Marketing Web Application coded in PHP version 5.6.4 / Laravel 5.4 that lets you send high-volume marketing emails via your own server or through other email services (SMTP) providers. Start making money by easily developing your database leads, by location, business category. Filter your leads, sale your leads. Nimble Email Marketing Applications works 100% fine with any compatible browser. Install Nimble Bulk Email Marketing Web Application on your own web server and you can use marketing/transaction emails without any limitation. You can get rid of expensive email services as well.


Nimble Bulk Email Marketing Web Application is a brilliant Idea of having all marketing tools in one place, versatile, robust and most of all very expandable. Basically, it’s designed and developed by keeping in mind the basic necessities of small and large businesses and organizations. In fact, Nimble Bulk Email Marketing Web Application is the only Marketing Web Application that has most of the features and functionalities when you compare with any other email marketing application at the web. Nimble Bulk Email Marketing Web Application provides with a unique solution to manage all your contacts, by using the options, you can build your marketing strategy based on either the company name or the job title or even both. This functionality is very practical for those seeking to target certain business segmentations such Human Resources Managers, CEO’s, Suppliers, Decisions makers etc. Nimble Bulk Email Marketing Web Application is by far the only bulk email marketing application that makes it easy for users to create a beautiful newsletter or marketing campaign, we have introduced a spectacular customized Nimble editor which makes it everything easier for and within reach. You can add/edit templates (which can be created as a new or you may use existing premade templates) with just a click, you can even add your own templates or HTML section as click and drop in that template box. With our advance social icons & share, you can include your preferred social media networks easily. Nimble Bulk Email Marketing Web Application combines exclusive functionalities, which makes it easy to build your network in respect to your market segmentation. For instance, you may import lists directly into Nimble Bulk Email Marketing Web Application using various formats, from there you can start your segmentation per group using the merge option, furthermore. You can export your contacts within the predefined formats as described You may also use the drag and drop campaigns scheduler to send targeted emails on special occasions like sale, holiday or any other social events. tracking your campaign got also easy, thanks to both native email behavior tracking and our analytics integration, we have made it easier for you to check the states directly from the email applications main dashboard and specifically from your campaign, each and every single campaign is traceable for better understanding of the success of your marketing strategies. To make your templates easily interpreted and fast we have included an inline CSS that convert each template to the right format. Working images as adding texts and patterns are also supported, basically, you do anything with it. Nimble Bulk Email Marketing Web Application can support multiple SMTP servers, capable of working in parallel and also jumping to the next available server as soon as your established limit is reached.






Cron jobs are scheduled tasks that the system runs at predefined times or intervals. we need to setup cron jobs to send bulk emails through autoresponders. You have to setup following cron to make application run successfully.


Minute Hour Day Month Weekday Command
*/15 * * * * curl
*/5 * * * * curl
*/15 * * * * curl
*/15 * * * * curl
/15 * * * * curl
*/15 * * * * curl
0 * * * * curl
* * * * * curl

To set crones follow these steps.






Upload Nimble Bulk Email Marketing's Web Application email marketing application's downloaded files to your server and run your website URL.

To install application follow step by step instructions.







Login with your provided admin account information during installation.



Logout - It is important that if you are using an office computer or a public computer that you log out of your account or your account profile – email, password and other private information such as all customer information would be at risk.

You can invite users to create sub-account on your application by clicking on signup link on application login page. Sub-users will be able to use your application

User can recover password by providing valid email. You can recover the


Dashboard is the landing page, consisting of graphical representation of recent activities.There are two types of dashboards, one for admins and another for other users.Dashboard contains stats about Email campaigns, users, email subjects, most open and click time, total open and clicks of emails. It will show you overall stats of the application.


First of all, please config your mail before using application.

Add your mail settings here.

In application settings page admin can set logo, favicon and backgrounds of login, register, forget password and sidebar backgrounds.

Autoresponder settings page allow you to add following autoresponders to your application.

Every user can config autoresponders. To add Aweber autoresponder follow the following steps.



You can config following email senders API's to send emails.

  1. Sendgrid
  2. Sparkpost
  3. SMTP
  4. Mailgun
  5. MailJet
Click on add more button to config API's keys

Application consists of two types of users : admin & user Only admin level users will have access to Admin Dashboard, User Management, General Settings & Web settings. The rest of the features will be same for both admins and users. Here you can search, add, view, disable, enable, edit, reset password, delete users.

Application users are listed on this page, you can add new, edit and delete users. also can check their stats.

Admin can create, edit email templates.

User can categories email by creating different email categories for example: General emails, Summer Collection campaign emails etc. further user can search stats category wise on dashboard page.

You can create, Build HTML email by using following steps.

Step-1 Select Template

Step-2 Modify Email

You can create a Email template so that you do not have to write Email content when you send or schedule Email. You can use variables like %first_name%, %last_name%, #email_address# to replace them with contacts' first name, last name and email respectively. We have used visual editor (ckeditor) for making template so that you can send HTML email. If you want to embed image into html template use Image icon and paste image url, do not paste image in to the editor directly.

If you want to embed image into html template use Image icon and paste image url, do not paste image in to the editor directly. If you want to use any predefined template then you can also send that as Email. You can attach an attachment up to 20MB size. Remember that sending an email with variables is quite slower than a simple email and you can not have both variables & attachment together.

Step-3 Preview Email

User can preview created email in following three view
  1. Desktop View
  2. Mobile View
  3. Landscape View

Desktop View

Mobile & Landscape View

Step-4 Send / Save Email


Admin, User can change his profile.