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We are developing the best SMS marketing solutions

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Features of Nimble Messaging

User-Friendly GUI

Our application is compatible with all devices, the GUI allows the user to perform fast functions without shifting between screens.

Easy to Customize

A fully customized application with evident and flexible features to enhance the work-ability right according to your convenience

Fast and Reliable

Lightening speed services with real-time rapid response to keep your operations right on the track


SMS Receiving Capability

A two-way interaction through SMS receiving capability, with a detailed inbox facility dedicated for this feature

Real-Time Reporting

Rapid reporting function through dynamic and detailed report sheets to analyze and address the operational affairs and issues

Less Carrier Flagging

Adaptable with regulations and policies of network service providers that prevents any sort of flagged content to pass through

Outgoing Number Pool

Outgoing number’s pooling facility to put a large number of long codes in operation at a same time

24/7 Customer Support

Responsive and dedicated 24/7 standby customer’s support representatives to entertain all your queries and issues immediately

Subscriber CSV Import

Compatible with uploading CSV format files, for a rapid generation of full contacts list

Twilio Gateway

Our application is powered with fastest Twilio gateway that gives the ability to work at faster pace

Number Pool Refreshing

Ability to refresh number pools at frequent basis to avoid long codes black listing and operational turbulence

Mass SMS Batches

Ability to send and manage large number of SMS, up to 10,000 messages a day, with Mass SMS Batches

SMS Batch Scheduling

Schedule the time and date for initiation of the SMS sending procedure prior the time of operation

Time Zone Handling

Time Zone alterations and settings, to set the right time for operations in specific region

Message Text Rotation

Add as many different texts messages as you want to and rotate the numbers of receivers accordingly after a set number of contacts

Dead Easy Installation

Easiest and evident installation procedure, designed to facilitate even a layman to get along with

Operational Timing Management

The application gives the user full control over start and stops timing and shows the current running status

Odd-Times Operation Prevention

Time zone management and operational timing management feature prevents the application from sending messages at odd timings

Pay as you Go

Easy, flexible and post operation payment policies to be customized according to your budget constraints

Cost Effective Marketing

Cost efficient marketing with low cost SMS and features such as least carrier flagging and black list prevention

All Mediums Customer Support

Our customer support representatives providing services through all means of communication of your choice such as Phone, Email or Live Chat

Nimble Messaging Application is a powerful, reliable and fastest SMS marketing tool that uses Twilio as its carrier. The application has been design to send a large number of messages in order of Batches that ranges up to 10,000 messages a day, and also, it’s friendly with network services providers policies that allows the application to carry the least flagging content and lets the most number of messages reach their destination. It is a fully customizable application that allows the user to have a full control over all the features, and provides the user with a real time reports at every step of the process to keep the flow going.

We are always just a click away to entertain all you queries about the application. Drop in your feedback, queries or request for a free quote by “Contacting Us”. Our customer support team is standby 24/7 and we will get in touch with you, with all your required details, within the least possible time.

After becoming a part of Nimble Messaging User’s family we grant our users an Individual, un-sub-licensable and non-transferable access to the Nimble Messaging application’s domain. That allows the user to use the application according to their needs and prevents any sort of recompiling, disassembling and modification in the product’s source code that is company’s intellectual property.

More than 1000 users use
Nimble Messaging

Total downloads and currently running installs

1196 Downloader
1083 Running Installs

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Taking SMS Marketing To A Whole New Level

While SMS marketing is debated to confine your content, Nimble Messaging gives its users a limit of 1600 characters to send in a single SMS message. This feature comes from the vision of providing a pedestal to our user that allows them to be conclusive in the least possible effort. This characteristic of our application gives our users the expression for their motive, services, product and features in a single comprehensive message.

Nimble Messaging is an Application that is designed to facilitate your needs for direct customer interaction. This application has helped thousands of small and large business groups to enhance their workability and generate greater revenues. Nimble Messaging as being an affordable, flexible and easily customizable service, lets the users attain the maximum benefits within the defined constrained of their expenditure cost. We already have a large number of satisfied clients from all over the world and we are always excited to provide the best services to our new clients from around the globe. More